An ultra-high resolution ultrasound ophthalmic diagnostic instrument that maps a patient’s eye…

Entry Date: September 2013

Status: Graduated


Previously Agronomic Technology, since acquired by Yara International, adapt-N is a professional…

Entry Date: January 2014

Status: Graduated


Advanced cell-free systems for industrial biotechnology

Entry Date: March 2014

Status: Graduated


A proprietary low cost “plug-and-play” technology platform to offer a suite of…

Entry Date: August 2014

Status: Graduated


A next-generation battery technology company dedicated to rapid research, development, and commercialization…

Entry Date: June 2015

Status: Graduated


Advanced battery material that adds power and life for lithium batteries at…

Entry Date: August 2015

Status: Graduated


Cornell alkaline exchange materials platform achieving >40% CAPEX cost reduction, 3x durability…

Entry Date: January 2016

Status: Graduated


A dog DNA testing service that offers pet wellness advice with comprehensive…

Entry Date: March 2016

Status: Graduated


Microbiome discovery platform enables development of products and therapeutics through the use…

Entry Date: April 2017

Status: Graduated

Dimensional Energy

Cornell photosynthesis biomimicry platform technology for sunlight powered production of energy materials

Entry Date: May 2018

Status: Graduated

Sonder Research X

Weill Cornell advanced imaging technology to develop diagnostic and therapeutic solutions for…

Entry Date: July 2019

Status: Graduated


Renerva is an innovative medical device company founded in 2017 based on…

Entry Date: November 2019

Status: Current

Inso Bio

A Cornell cell sample preparation platform to maximize insights while minimizing contamination…

Entry Date: February 2020

Status: Current

Kanvas Biosciences

Kanvas Biosciences is focused on illuminating microbial life from the bench to…

Entry Date: April 2021

Status: Graduated


Meiogenix is an agriculture biotech company that develops disruptive new products based…

Entry Date: January 2022

Status: Current


Delivering unique biocidal enzymes to create sustainable processes for crop protection

Entry Date: July 2022

Status: Current

Forte Protein

Forte Protein owns a platform technology capable of growing proteins in plants…

Entry Date: December 2022

Status: Current

TET Medical

Platform nano medicine company developing diagnostic devices using Tethered Enzyme Technology

Entry Date: February 2023

Status: Current

Caretech Human

CareTech Human has developed a product based on novel contactless sensing technology…

Entry Date: May 2023

Status: Current


At Retrn Bioworks, our mission is to tackle the global issue of…

Entry Date: May 2024

Status: Current